Extra Curricular Activities at WMS

Including football, student council, Uil ,art , and NJHS


The purpose of football in WMS athletics is to learn how to work as a team with others and have fun and work hard while doing too. It's really cool because your around your friends all the time! Your pushed to work hard 100% of the time by the coaches. Your pushed to be successful, and it makes you a better all-around person. The game is so awesome and just so fun to play. There is some requirements to join;

so, you have to not be lazy and should work hard 100% of the time. It's important to be loyal and make morning and day practices.

Student Council

Student Council is created so the students of WMS can have a voice in what goes on in the school by voting for officers to join. First of all, you get to become more involved in the school. Just to name a few, dances and fundraisers are some. You also get to do meet many more people and hear their personal opionions. You always have to remember one thing though: you are the students voice so always be avaible to talk to. Another cool perk in student council is that you get to lead your classmates just like the U.S president does, so it's cool to know kind of what's it's like to do that. To be in student council you have to be elected in by your fellow classmates, so knowing everyone and being friends with everyone is key to getting votes. Be a good person/ role model so you could get re-elected possibly I'm 8th grade!


In art students get to express themselves and truly show who they are in artwork. Beyond painting and coloring, there is more to art. To join you don't have to be a perfect artist, like anything it takes practice, and the turn out is awesome in your artwork! In art you get to learn the past artists and the history of art and the different types of art. Ms.Myers ,the art teacher, has demos in class to guide you through art projects ,so you are not completely lost. One thing stands out in art: it's that you can be as creative as you want. Your artwork is always unique and is your own style or twist! In art you have to be ready to think and come up with new ideas on projects.

NJHS (National Junior Honors Society)

NJHS is a great thing to participate in ,because you and fellow students are involved in the community and are able to make a difference. First of all, you get to do great things like canned food drives to help people in the community. Then, you are always around fellow scholars and bright minds in the school. The group teaches leadership and can lead to success in the future for students thinking about attending college. If you are accepted you get to attend an introduction ceremony that is really cool! To be in NJHS you have to be a good student in the community and school and be a student that keeps up with school work and makes pretty great grades.
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UIL allows students to compete against kids from other schools acedemicly. For example, students can compete in ready writing, math, science, and dictionary skills. Students get to get on a bus on a school day to compete with other schools! Students can win awards for doing the thing they are good at and that they love! If students sign up for events they must attend practices to compete in that competition. UIL is a great way for students to represent WMS in a positive way! Keeping up with grades and being a good student would be a great feature to have too to make you a better contender. First sign up for an event your interested in; then,practice and bring home the prize for WMS!