The Spewing Mess

Mia Boles

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When magma breaks through the surface, it shoots through the opening of the volcano and flows until it cools. Once the magma cools, new land it formed and once the rocks keep on piling up, it forms a new volcano.

Changes After an Eruption

When a volcano erupts, it can change the environment and every organisms needs.


When a habitat is hit by this event, it will burn down and/or be destroyed. If the habitat is destroyed, the organisms that originally lived there, will have no shelter or place to hide. Since the habitat will not have food, water, shelter, and space, it is not sustainable and this makes it a permanent change.


When the biodiversity is effected, it reduces the amount of organisms in the environment by A LOT. Since most of the organisms are killed by the lava and heat, the population will decrease by a large number. There is a big affect on sustainability because without the organisms, there wont be anything to reproduce and it wont be able to sustain population.

Food Webs:

The food webs are effected by the disaster because if one of the species went completely extinct, then the consumers of the species will go to a different organism to eat but that certain organism wont be there for long because they will soon be extinct from that area because of the lava which makes that consumer die because it has no energy. Once the producer is affected, then it affects the primary consumer, then the secondary consumer, then the tertiary consumer and so on. This all happens because there is not enough energy to be around the species'.