House fire: Maudie Atkinson's house

maycomb times

Tragedy hits Maycomb

At around 1:00 AM on the first snowy night in Maycomb after 1885, Ms.Maudie Atkinson's house caught fire on this historical icy night. The apparent cause of the fire stated by Ms.Maudie was: "probably the flue in the kitchen. I kept a fire in there last night for my potted plants." Also, Mr. Avery almost lost his life in this tragedy whilst trying to escape the fire through a window Mr. Avery got wedged in between a window, almost losing his life to this fire, but luckily escaped, but did get some injuries while falling into Ms.Maudies shrubbery after falling down the porch railing. After Ms.Maudies house fire was put out the fire unfortunately spread to Atticus Finch and Miss Rachel's house but not as bad as the first fire, the fire were put out quickly with minimal damage but one fire had to be out out with fire extinguishers because there were only two fire hydrants and three firetrucks, in the end all fires were put out and, luckily, no lives were lost during this tragic incident.

A close-knit town

During the fire the townsfolk of Maycomb were all pitching in late at night in the cold, pushing fire trucks, throwing furniture and providing coats and blankets to children. This shows how close this town really is.