An Athletes Breakfast

Be a Better Athlete - Griffin Nye

Why have breakfast?

Eating breakfast in the morning is very important. You should have breakfast because you will be more alert, your ability to think will be better, and you are not tired. You also lose nutrients and you become hungrier when you skip. Resulting in eating empty calories which is not going to help someone perform at a high level.

What nutrients should be in my breakfast to be a better athlete?

If you want to perform at a top level your breakfast should include the following:

  • Vitamin C
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
These 3 things make you a healthier person and better athlete.

Guaranteed Better Energy, and Performance

How does exercise relate to breakfast?

Breakfast relates and is Very important to exercise. When you wake up your blood sugar and energy is down so you need to have a good breakfast. This will fuel you and keep you at a high level of competition.