The Road to Perseverance

By Gavin Williams


Even the most simple animated characters in a show or movie can show perseverance. In a little clip by the people who made Ice Age, a saber-toothed squirrel, Scrat, shows perseverance to stock up on acorns for the months of hibernation. He never gives up on saving all the acorns for winter. No matter what happens to the acorns, or his shelter, he never stops trying. Having lots of trouble trying to keep acorns can be uninspiring to the squirrel, but that still won't stop him. Seeing this clip was funny, and even taught people, like me, to persevere.

Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa is the main character from the Rocky movie series. He is a boxer that trains as much as he can, to build up his muscles. He pushes and pushes through anything in his way. In Rocky IV, his main protagonist is Captain Ivan Drago. Ivan builds up his muscle with the best equipment you could use at the time. Rocky couldn't afford this equipment so had to use what he had, to workout. Rocky shows how you don't need the best tools or equipment to build muscle and strength. Rocky, in this situation, perseveres by using whatever he can to work and work to that main goal against Ivan Drago.


AIM is another short film that really portrays how if you have your mind set on a goal and you don't stop trying to achieve it, success is coming your way. It's about a student who is poor and other students who are rich. The poor student is focused on being smart and having a job that requires intelligence and pays good money. The more rich kid just wants to be the most popular and always center of attention. The rich kids always pick on the poor kid. The poor kid perseveres to meet his goal. He keeps trying even if bullies try to get in his way. This really affected him greatly in the future, by being head of the school.
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Winston Churchill told a speech about perseverance to children and their parents that were involved with a school that was bombed by Germans. These people were taught that persevering can even save lives. After this speech the country changed and realized what perseverance can do.

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Jackie Robinson persevered through people trying to hold him back from playing baseball because he was black. He wouldn't give up on trying to make the team and changed history by giving awareness about black people in baseball.