By: Morgan Speanburg

What is the size of the country's area?

The size of the country's area is 116,305 sq miles. The shape of Italy looks like a boot.

This is good for the country because most people remember Italy because it's shaped like a shoe, and that is good because it makes them known. A lot of people like to travel there and France because there is lots of things too look at and explore.

What is the population of the country?

There is about 60 million people in Italy.

Having this amount of people in the country is good because it's not over populated but since it is not the biggest country they can have a voice in things. Also because of the tourist that come during breaks it makes it good that Italy doesn't have more people in it to over crowed things.

How well educated and united is the population?

Children 6-18 must go to school. ( primary school, middle School, and high school) Most kids attended Public school, but they can't go to a private school or a school based off of your faith.

Having the population educated is very important for the country because they need to know things and have people getting jobs and making money for the country. Also people who have jobs and can pay for their housing and taxes from government they can have a lot more freedom and things to do.

How large and well- equipped are it's armed forces?

Army- 104,000 people

Navy- 34,000 people
Air Force- 44,000 people

They have equipment which is important for having a military in their country because it is not a very big country but has enough people to have a word in things and to be able to protect themselves.

What are the country's physical features?

The Bay of Naples, The Po Valley, the Eastern Alps, and Mount Etna. They are also a peninsula.

That is good for the country because if they were to ever get attacked or something happened they could have military all lined up in the oceans. Also having rivers run across Italy it gives them a way to get different merchants from the other country's around them.

How productive is the country's economy?

The rate of unemployed people has gone up. They can't pay off there debt rate. They are known for their making of the car Fiat, which brought them good money and had some productive things from it. They gave more people a job because they needed more help for making the cars.