Temperate Deciduous Forest

by: nancy perez

Its Location

the deciduous forest is located in most of eastern north amercia, canada, europe, parts of russia, china and japan.

Travel Information

The place that i always wanted to vist is Great Britian. I would get there by traveling in a plane. Then i would travel the counrty on a a bus beacuse i always wanted to be on one of those two floor buses. This trip would cost me about $3,000 minimum. the clothes I would take would have to depend on the time of year I go. if I go in the summer then I would take shorts and some t-shirts and if I go in the winter I would take pants and some coats.

Weather and Enviorment

The weather in the temperate deciduous forest can be good and bad at different times. There are four different types of season ; autumn (fall) , winter , spring , and summer. The best time of year to visit is in the spring because its not to hot or to cold. The types of animal you will see some snakes, squirrel, rabbits, turtles, birds, deer, etc. The type of plants you'll find there are all sorts of flowers, very big trees, and grass.


there are many limiting factors such as food for animals. For example squirrels have to store nuts in the spring, summer and fall because if the winter they hibernate. If there isn't enough nuts they wont eat and get fat for the winter and then die.

symbiotic relationships

1. when the bees get honey form the flower, and the flower gets pollen.

2. when the ants protect the tree and the ants get shelter and food from the tree.

predator/prey relationship

1. A snake eating a rabbit or mice

2.An ant eater , eating ants from the ant hills.

food web

*** its down below***

Endangered Animal

Bears and hawks are in danger because of over hunting on bears. there is really nothing doing done right now.