Super Bowl XLVIII

By:David Gallagher

Seahawks v.s Broncos

On February 2nd 2014 the Seattle Seahawks faced the Denver Broncos for the title of Superbowl Champions. This game was determined by the beginning when the first play of the game was a safety forced by Seattle's defense. The game was truly one sided as Seattle took a commanding lead by halftime. This momentum followed them into the second half as Percy Harvin returned the ball for a Seattle Seahawks touchdown. As all hope of a victory was gone for Denver Manning lead a scoring drive and got a two point conversion. But that was not enough as Seattle shut them out for the rest of the game. Seattle was crowned Champions and won the game 43 to 8.

Super Bowl MVP

Malcolm Smith a linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks walked away from MetLife Stadium with the Vince Lombardi trophy, the Pete Rozelle trophy and keys to a brand new car. You may be wondering how he got another trophy and a brand new car. Well, his stats says it all. Smith had a 69 yard pick six and a fumble recovery.
Super Bowl 2014 Highlights