English Teacher

What you have to do:


To become a teacher it is required to have a college degree from at least a four year school. There are many school with education programs so you can go to school pretty much anywhere. The school I am interested in is Shippensburg University. I would major in English education. You must complete your student teaching to become a full time teacher. Otherwise you would only be able to substitute.


Being a teacher is a fairly simple job. You have your lessons you teach and you teach them. You would teach your students the basic literature arts that the school would want you too teach. You would go over and learn vocab words and test on them. You also would read stories and books also testing on them.

The skills needed:

To be a teacher, an important skill to have is to know how to teach. I know it sounds silly but you have to be able to get through to your students what you are teaching. They have to be able to learn from you.

Another good skill you should have is good social skills because you are dealing with people all day. Not only will you be around other adults and teachers throughout your work day, you will be around teenagers too. You also may have to deal with concerned parents or parents of struggling students so it is very important you know how to talk to them. Not being able to do it correctly could cause a very big conflict. When talking to the students you need to be able to talk to them in a respectable, assertive, and relatable manner. It's very important that you are able to get along with kids.

The next skill you will need to be a teacher is being organized. It's very important to organize your timing of your lessons being taught so you're able to fit everything into a class period. Also that what's being taught actually makes sense and goes together. It is also important to keep papers and grades organized.

Extra time put in:

There is a lot of extra work that teachers have to put into there jobs. Sometimes it's coming in early for a student that struggling or has detention or staying after with them for possibly the same reasons. Teachers are always there to help and to be there for their students. They will do what they can for a student in need of help because that's the whole point of being a teacher is to actually help the students. Teachers don't just come to school for seven hours and teach and then go home. There are a lot of off the clock hours put in with planning out your lessons and grading papers all night.