Straight From The Lions Mouth

September 26, 2020

Thank you City Counselors!

This past week was a big one for the City of Amesbury and all of its departments.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the Amesbury City Counselors and the School Committee members for the continued support of our schools. Approving an additional $700,000. to the Mayor Gove's budget to fund our school makes a tremendous impact in the services and supports of our students and schools. Thank you!

I look forward to the work ahead of us supporting our Superintendent, Director of Finance, and School Committee members determining the best way to proceed with the 20-21 school budget.

Week 2 of Remote Learning - Check!

I continue to be impressed by the willingness, engagement, hard work, flexibility of all of our students, teachers, and families. I can't say enough how this year is one like no other, and knowing that we are all in this together, makes a huge difference.

Thank you for allowing our teachers to continue to tweak and adjust their teaching while we navigate the world of remote teaching. I know they are working their hardest to provide rigorous instruction to our students, and your support is greatly appreciated.

Please celebrate these moments as a success for the hard and great work everyone is doing.

If you have any question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact me by either calling the office or emailing me at:

Lights, Camera, Action!

This is a friendly reminder that we are on camera from our homes (I know.... not ideal.....) And in it, we have students and teachers who are running a classroom. We have had "oops!" moments, and that is part of the tweaks and adjustments... For this reason I would share that over the last 7 months, I have had to study and reflect on my work space, camera position, background, and surroundings. I want to ensure that I am setting up myself to operate and perform at my best. Not always an easy task, trust me I know, but worthy mentioning it. I experience this same battle with my own children (8yr and 13yr).... where, how, why they should or should not do something.... and the dog, and the household running as it should, but now, ON CAMERA! To sum it up, this is my advice to them and our students: The way we present yourselves to others will be the way others and the world treat you. Reflect on: How am I presenting myself today?

Perhaps I just needed to share a little struggle I have had on my own, to once again, show that we are all in this together! :)

Lights, Camera, Action! Who would have ever thought?

Sharing a resource

The Amesbury Elementary School Technology teacher, Mr. Bruce McBrien create a great resource for students and families. I am sharing the link here, as it is worthy checking it out:

Hope everyone has a great relaxing weekend,

Principal Mascia