Polluted Water By Runoff

By Drakey D

Ways to Prevent Runoff Water Pollution

  • Farmers should not plow to often
  • Create new way to transport runoff to somewhere
  • Maximize surface roughness

How Runoff Affects our Health

  • Polluted Drinking Water
  • "There's the direct impact on the aquatic ecosystem," Lerch says. "And then there's the downstream impacts on say, drinking water, or a reservoir, or a recreational [body of water]."(Bob Lerch USDA soil scientist).

State, National, or Global environment issue

  • It is a global issue because people everywhere farm, so if they do too much it could the runoff could contaminate everybody theirs water.

How to Advocate the problem

  • To advocate this problem i could...
  • Find a way to get farmers to not plow too ofton
  • pick up trash and things near the water.

Negative/positive environment visual well being.

  • Water might look disgusting.
  • Could harm under water animals