Fourth Grade News

Mrs. Spencer's Class - Week of 5/2

Happy Monday!

We have been busy, busy, busy working on lots of projects and activities. Students have been and will continue applying geometry skills in various ways - designing quilts, writing songs and raps, and creating frieze pattern designs. They are working on inventing a new game, sport, or invention that fulfills a need. Students are also delving into a unit on plays/drama. They will be reading and performing plays and writing their own. I'm looking forward to an eventful and fun week ahead!

Hope to see you tomorrow evening for the Spring Program! Details below.

**Please send in a white t-shirt for your child by Wednesday. We will be designing shirts to wear for the Science Museum and Track & Field Day. Extra rolls of painter's tape will also be helpful - these will be returned to you after we complete our shirts!

Shell Visit - Many Thanks to Amelia's Grandparents!

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Important Spring Dates:

4th Grade Spring Program: TOMORROW, May 3rd, 6:00-6:45

**Students should arrive no earlier than 5:40. They will stand by their projects in the lobby upon arrival.

**The BOGO Spring Book Fair will be going on next week! Stop in for books! :)

Science Museum Overnight: Thursday, May 12-Friday, May 13th (returning at ~11:30 am)

4th Grade Track & Field: Thursday, May 26

***Friday, May 27 and Tuesday, May 31 are make up dates for T&F.

Updates & Announcements:

Send in White T-Shirt: Please send in a white t-shirt for your child to design to wear for both our Science Museum overnight & for Track & Field. Please send the shirt by THIS Wednesday, 5/4. Donations of an extra shirt for a student are much appreciated as well. Thanks so much!

Can You Help? Painter's Tape Needed For Project: If you have a roll of painter's tape at home, please send it in with your child this week. It will help to have multiple rolls of tape when students are designing their t-shirts. The plan is to tape off designs & then spray paint the shirts so that the sections under the tape remain white. Label your tape roll & your child will bring it home at the end of the week. Thanks so much for your help!

K-M Lions Sandbox Fill: See the attached flyer for information about this year's K-M Lions Sandbox Fill on May 12th.

Acting Opportunity: 'The Legend of Katastrophe Kate' is a play for Kindergarten through grade 8 to show off their acting talent. Auditions will be held on May 24 for the over 30 speaking parts available. Class will run June 27 - July 1 from 8 am - noon with the performance on July 1 at 6:30 pm. More information is on the K-M Schools website under the Community Education 'school,' or by checking page 16 of your Summer 16 Community Education brochure.

Readers' Theater Practice - King in the Kitchen

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This Week's Objectives:

Language Arts:

  • We are reading and writing while working through our Storyworks issue.
  • We are sharing favorite books & building enthusiasm for reading!
  • We are continuing to read and then perform King in the Kitchen.
  • We are writing plays based on a favorite story or novel.
  • We are building reading stamina and practicing CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expanding Vocabulary) strategies for reading.


  • We are examining various types of graphs and reviewing data landmarks (maximum, minimum, range, mode, median, mean).
  • We are discussing symmetry and patterns & working on a patchwork design project.
  • We are comparing population data.
  • We are multiplying and dividing with decimals.
  • We are building our speed and accuracy with basic multiplication and division facts.

Science & Social Studies:

  • We are discussing natural disasters and key weather terms.
  • Students are continuing to study economics & states/capitals.

Sharing Favorite Poetry with Classmates

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Links for Learning:

IXL: -- Math & Language Arts available!

Read Theory:



Hour of Code (Learn coding!):

All Math Study Links:

Guidance Lesson on Responsibility with Mrs. Besch

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Wishing you a terrific week!

Please contact me with any questions or comments.

Your Partner in Education,

Mrs. Spencer