Chavez Eagle Express

Week of December 15, 2014


Definition: GENEROSITY--The willingness to give or share. Unselfish

“Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.” Frank Clark


Shanna Nichols--5th grade Teacher

Students of the Week

Kindergarten--Mrs. Gipsin

Mikayla Ball

Atreyu Manus

1st Grade--Mrs. Trimble

Toby Matthew

Lexis Jones

2nd Grade--Mrs. Weir

Nathalia Hernandez

Francesco Wadsworth

3rd Grade--Ms. Hardin

Michelle Ramirez

Morgan Ketcham

4th Grade--Mrs. Turner

Gissela Ramirez

Avery Bennett

5th Grade--Mr. Sewald

Isabela Montoya

Andrew Jaramillo

Great Math Link--"Cut the Knot"

"Cut the Knot" is a site packed full of Math puzzles and problem solving activities for all grade levels. This is a great source to develop math thinking in our students.

Virtual Manipulatives

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives , sponsored by Utah State University, is the largest online collection of interactive virtual manipulatives. There are applications for all grade levels. These make great tools at helping students visualize the math behind the procedures and create engaging math learning opportunities for your students.


Dec 18--Polar Express Day

Dec 19--Early Release Day 11:30am

Class parties 10:30

Dec 22-Jan 5 Christmas Holidays

Jan 5--Monday--Staff Development

Jan 6--Tuesday--First day back for students.

Jan 8--1st Semester Report Cards go home

Jan 9---Awards Assembly

Jan 13--4th grade Writing, 5th grade Reading Benchmark Tests

Jan 14--4th grade Writing, 5th grade Math Benchmark Tests

Jan 27--6:00pm Academic Fair