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May 2020, Issue #3

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Get on track with your RAIL card!

During this extended closure, don't forget that WCPS provides access to a variety of digital resources and ebooks for student and staff use. Check out what Washington County Free Library (WCFL) has to offer and, as Dr. Michael would say,


All Washington County Public School Students grades K-12 automatically have special Washington County Free Library accounts!

With the RAIL card students can:

  • Access Washington County Free Library online resources including literacy and curriculum resources, college and career resources, language learning resources, test prep resources, and much more!
  • Check out up to THREE print items with no overdue fines!

What is the RAIL card?

The RAIL (Raising Access to Improve Literacy) card will put you on the rights track to finding a world full of information and learning tools available from the Washington County Free Library (WCFL).

It is a special library account which you can use to borrow print books and/or access ebooks, online resources and more from the public library. The account is fine free, however you still need to return the books on time!

How does it work?

RAIL works just a like a regular library card, only there is not plastic card you have to carry. It is a virtual card. Your RAIL number is made up of a prefix and your student ID number. (see example below).

How do I use the RAIL card?

It's easy! When you check out a book, just tell the WCFL staff you are a WCPS student and tell them your student number. You can also show them your student ID card if you have one.

Can I use the WCFL's library catalog. online books and other resources?

Absolutely! Your RAIL card works just like a regular library card. Any time the library's website asks for your library card number, just enter your RAIL number!

What if I have more questions?

You can get more information about the RAIL card program any time by contacting your school library media specialist, the WCPS Library Media Department, or WCFL staff.

A Partnership Between WCFL and WCPS

RAIL Card Program

Use the following information to access WCFL resources using your RAIL card!

Prefix + Student ID Number




eBooks, Audiobooks, Magazines, Comics and MORE!

Access BookFlix and TrueFlix from the library website here, scroll through the alphabetical list to find the titles and use the link provided, then use your RAIL library card number to login!

All of this and much, much more!