Kantewu village

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About the village

Kantewu is located south of Palu, past Lore Lindu National Park. It is close to the boarder of South Sulawesi, deep in the mountains.

Kantewu has two villages close by each other, Kantewu two is higher up the mountain and is the newer village.

Kantewu has a population of 1300 people and Kantewu two has approx 600 people.

They are Christians.

The Salvation Army has been active in this village for 100 years, Leonard Woodward, a Canadian missionary, when. He made it his home. In later life he lived in Australia.

They have fast running steams nearby and these are the source of their hydro power.

The villages are both Eco villages, all their produce is grown organically, no pesticides are used.

Rice is threshed in a traditional method.

Their houses are made of rattan, thatch, timber and bamboo and are sourced locally. these constructions are perfect for the area as it is subject to frequent earthquakes and tremours.They are of a traditional construction. Other materials for buildings like the church are brought in by motorbike.

They keep pigs, chickens, ducks and have fish ponds amongst the rice fields.

They grow their own rice. Their cash crop is cacao and coffee. They also grow fruit.

The village is well established, and has paved paths. Access is by motorbike only and takes about 2.5 hours. The valley are steep and the roads are windy. The area is subject to landslides.

Both villages have schools, Kantewu has a small secondary school as well as a primary school.

It also had a church and a meeting hall and small shops.

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