The Interrupters

English 3


Purpose of the film: To stop the violence with guns.

Thesis: The film people made changes in their life from what they were doing in their past life and making it a differences.

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Example 1

In the film, people that were killed were innocent and had nothing to do with any thing. Their family didn't want this to happen to their loved ones. That people are being killed left and right and they want people to remember them in any way.
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Example 2

Some of the people that were in the film are getting help from what they did in the past. They try to make up the things in the past that made them that they were. They are trying to find jobs and try to get into a school to make things better for themselves.
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Example 3

The people in the film are wanting to change how of the violence issue going on it places. These people did make a differences to other people's eyes and want to keep doing that to change people of the violence. Making things better for people's life the ones who lost people from the violence.
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On the film it was sad to see these kind of things. Watching it wanted me to brake into tears. Yes, because the violence is a big issue that is still going in the world.Maybe it did give me perspective.
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