Hurricane Sandy

awareness of the economic

The econmic look on Hurricane sandy is reparing the buildings and homes to newer and better ones. Economic damage include property damage from wind, rain, and the flood, also includes intaggibles such as living expense.

Storm information

During the hurricane 149 people died. The over all damage cost about 60 billion. Where the hurricane hit it is still recovering on getting everything back. The hurricane was on October 22 2012- October 31 2012.

what to be aware of

People should be aware that this was a major problem for the places it hit, and how people lost homes and lives. They are still trying to get things back to normal 3 year later. The heavy flood and rain is bad in that area.

how to help or change

To help change the economic part of the hurricane would be helping rebuild buildings. Also donating money to the government so they can help.