SW Snowden Elementary School

Highlights for the week of 9/8/15

Back in the Routine

We have had our first FULL week here at SW Snowden. Mr. Whitley has recruited his volley ball team, Mr. Taylor has signed up 124 students for our after school SPLASH program, Pre-Kindergarten students are all on board, and there is excellent teaching going on throughout the school.

Mrs. Rattler's 3rd grader have created their own Class Constitution!

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Mrs. McCracken is gearing up for WSWS Broadcasts. This school news program allows middle school students to create, produce, and develop communication skills.

Governer Hunt Library

Important Dates

9/7 Mon.


9/8 Tues.

Flyer to announce Grandparent's Day will go home

7:00 Aurora Town Meeting

9/9 Wed.

8:15 Beginning of Grade (BOG) Test for all third grade students

Ms. June Zurface will be on campus to meet with teachers during planning. More information to follow.

3:15 Data meeting for all Certified Staff

6:00 pm Teacher of the Year Banquet-I will see our Ms. Stacia Abbe recognized!


BOG make up test (3rd grade only)

9/11 Fri.

9:00-10:00 Evaluation Training for Assistant Principals

9/14 Mon.

3rd Grade Math Assessment (School Net)

9/15 Open Enrollment for Staff 1:30(classified staff) and 3:15 (certified staff)


Life Touch Pictures

3:15 Bright Futures Council Meeting

PTO/Title I/ Spaghetti Dinner Night

5:30-6:30 Dinner is served

6:00-6:30 Speakers


*Hall of Fame Kick off has been Postposed until next month

.9/22 Tues.

3:15 Guided Reading Training for certified staff

9/23 Wed.

School Administrators Mtg.

9/25 Fri.

Last day for 3D Reading Benchmarks (K-3)


Teacher Workday-No School for Students

9/29 Tues.

Leadership Team Meeting (SIT)

About Us

S.W. Snowden serves about 200 students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade . The students come from Beaufort County communities in and around Aurora, Edward, and Blounts Creek. The school's history can be traced back over several years and it has been restructured several times. In 1970, the Aurora school was renamed S. W. after Mr. Seward Webb Snowden who was a dedicated principal from the 1940s to the 1960s.