My Addiction: Social Media

It is hard for me to ignore social media.

The Challenge was fail.

A task that seems so easy to do in school when you don't have service, can become a challenge the instance you get internet access and your notifications. Social media is everywhere and there is no way of hiding from it because of all the new technology occurring. The challenge of not using social media for 24 hours was very hard, because I was able to go through school without checking my social media, but once I got home, my phone blew up with notifications and by 4 pm I couldn't resist the urge of not checking it. I was constantly thinking about what my friends had sent me, and I kept asking myself if what they sent me was important or not. I couldn't stay in the dark and so I checked all my notifications, and then I found myself going through my feed looking at unnecessary things. That's when I realized that social media is very addictive, it is nothing but a waste of time and it might be a way of communicating with others, but mostly it is something that makes humans unproductive. If social media wasn't as big as it is now, there would still be children outside playing with their bikes or with each other and you would still see a lot of people hanging out other than being at home with their faces in their phones. Social media is very hard to let go of because we always want to know where others are or what they are doing, but the truth is that it is damaging us and it is changing the way we look at things.