Kooper Oxarart

Exercising is important to your life.

  • When you exercise you are working your muscles and it gets you stronger.
  • Your stay fit and do not get out of shape.
  • You look great and do not get made fun of by anybody.
  • You don't get out of shape unless you stop exercsing

How to exercise.

  • You can go to the gym for more than an hour.
  • Watch work out videos and do all kinds of different exercises.
  • You can go to the gym and lift waits with friends or by yourself.
  • You can also join a sports team with friends.

Problems with exercising

  • You don't want to exercise to much or it could be bad for your body.
  • Exercising is time consuming and hard but worth it.
  • It can be hard for the heart.
  • You can tear a muscle or hurt your self even more.
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