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Aspen Power Catamarans - Larry Graf designer .

What do the highly famed ArrowCat power catamarans have to offer?

Boating is one really exciting activity. It is a common conception that for a nice vacation, water must be involved. Well, to some extent this is true because many people take their vacation either at the beach, in some lake, river- there are just so many places to go for your vacation. However, you will need a water vessel to take you out into those waters. Enter Arrowcat power catamarans. If at all you are looking for a catamaran for sale this is one of the finest brands to purchase. You will totally love these catamarans simply because they are powerful and a very convenient.

Superior design for offshore experiences

There is one thing that really distinguishes catamarans from other water vessels. They have a stylish design for starters. Catamarans do not bear that boring old shape that most boats have. This is particularly the case with the ArrowCats. They come with a multipurpose layout that allows you to use your cat for just about anything that can be done out there in the waters.

This brand is designed by the high reputed Roger Hill Yacht Design. This is where you will get to meet the finest of naval engineers and architects. These guys are experts in their work. It is a guarantee that they will deliver nothing but the finest quality of designs at all times. With these designs, owners of the ArrowCats are guaranteed that they will enjoy comfort, speed and most of all economy.

Catamarans can be expensive. This is the case with just about all water vessels. The more powerful and stylish it is, the more expensive it is bound to be. However, there is no reason why you should worry about paying half the national debt purchasing one of these vessels. It is possible to get a brand new one at really affordable rates. A used catamaran will definitely be cheaper than a new one straight from the company.

The ArrowCat Power catamarans are not only stylish but very competitively priced. Whether you are looking for something ideal for a comfy overnight cruise or you want to do some serious fishing- you can trust these catamarans to do exactly that for you. It is general knowledge that cats are the best water vessels for diving, family entertainment, fishing and casual cruising.

Space and speed

Catamarans are very fast water vessels this is especially so the Arrowcat. It comes with a twin hull construction plus a fully planing hull which brings with it dynamic stability thanks to its design. These catamarans are stable, fasters and more comfortable compared to semi-displacement or the displacement catamarans. The dreadful rolling feeling that brings about sea-sickness will be absent thanks to these twin hulls. You can simply relax and ride in peace and comfort.

Behind the sleekly designed exterior and the incredibly comfortable interiors, ArrowCats have been proven to hold a beastly power for offshore performance. There are no power catamarans that can rank as highly as the ArrowCats. There is also plenty of space for you and your family or friends for those days you are out in the water.

The ArrowCat 42 is the biggest of them which can hold as many as six adults comfortably while the 32 and 30 can squeeze in some four individuals in total privacy. One thing many people look for when they are looking for a catamaran for sale is a showerhead. A private head with a shower is also available in all the models. The ArrowCat 42 has the option of two heads. These are the kinds of catamarans that you should be looking for- powerful yet affordable.

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