Job Oppertunity

IT Support Technician

Hatfields Jaguar Land Rover

Location: Liverpool

Department: IT

Type: Full Time

Min. Experience: Experienced

Contact Number: 01482 645413

Contact email:

Specific Attribute:

For this job role you will need have have a solid understanding of TCP/IP & DNS. Without this specific skill set you will not know how to complete jobs and task set for you do to. The employer will value this highly as without it you cannot do this job.

General Attribute:

A useful general attribute to have would be to have previous experience with using and setting up VoIP. The reason this is valued is because VoIP is becoming increasingly popular within work places and being able to solve problems promptly and accurately will be beneficial.

Attitude and soft skill:

Having the ability to work with initiative and manage your workload effectively is a highly desired soft skill. The employer will value this because having this ability mean you will be able to organise your work into the most efficient order for completion and being able to work off your own initiative meaning you don't have to organise your work and then set off completing it in the order in which you have managed it.


Devyn Hamilton