Women and Gender Studies

Center for Social Justice

What is it?

"The Women's and Gender Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to enhance students' knowledge of gender roles and relations across cultures and history. Women's and Gender Studies courses investigate the intersection of gender and such diverse phenomena as politics, religion, society, economics, war, communication, music, art, family life and popular culture" (http://wgs.ou.edu).
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Meeting I went to

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 7pm

Gaylord Auditorium

This specific event talked about native pride and Oklahoma tradition.

Multiple people who are apart of women and gender studies here at OU talked about their opinions on how the saying boomer sooner is racist and shows white supremacy and that as a native american The University doesn't do a good job recognizing the natives who owned this land years ago.

- David Boren ignores the fact and won't do anything to change it

- Low nu,her of native staff


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Why I chose this/What I learned

  • Seemed interesting
  • I didn't know much about the subject and wanted to know more

  • Different then I thought it was going to be- more formal and brutality honest
  • "Boomer Sooner" has a different meaning to native americans

Where to find more information