Submit Assignment Help

and welcome to the lately enrolled

Many students are missing the Getting Started Assignments!

Hola estudiantes,

I see that many of you are accessing the course materials but I am getting very few submissions. If you open your "Grades" tab and do not see Grades for the "Getting Started" assignments, then that indicates that you have not submitted the assignment. You need to go back and go through the submission portion to earn credit for your work.

When you submit an assignment a confirmation screen will open. See the example below. You will then need to click "Submit all and finish" in order for it to arrive in the system and come to me for grading (or be automatically computer graded). Look at the screen below and if you have not been going through this screen after your work slow down and go back through.
Big image

You all are a terrific group of students and this will become much easier after we get the process up and running! Hang in there! I think you are going to like it!

¡Y que tengan un buen fin de semana!

Sra. K