Issues With The Media

Whats The Problem With The Media?


What’s the most common issue when it comes down to media? Many advertising have caused a lot of people to spend their money on things that can’t help them in life. Adults spend around millions a year. Us as teens and adults have been on the web and other media’s way too much such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. I think media has taken people’s life and made them think they are not good enough. Others buy all kind of products that think it will help them with their life. Advertising has taken on the parents’ money.

Many people have bought all kinds of things like my older sister, Gaby, orders or goes to every store to buy any new sweatpants, shirts, makeup and shoes. Some people do the same and this is caused by the media. If somebody famous, like Selena Gomez, gets seen wearing a new lipstick from Covergirl, every teenage girl will want to buy it no matter the price. In an article Impact of TV Advertisements on Teens states “Advertisers are seeking advertising spaces that kids are exposed to in order to reach them with such advertisements designed to provide an illusion on them.” This shows that many of the advertisements are making people lie about the product so people can buy it. This makes people think about themselves using the products and how better they are going to be for them. This is wrong because the companies are ripping of the people for something that won’t even work and they should be charged for that.

On the other hand parents should limit the time on the web so teens can’t be so addicted to things that can’t even help them. This will be a good thing for all of us because that will make us have self-esteem i feel that advertisements should stop making people feel bad about their image and start helping them. what advertisements or the media don't see is that many people are suffering because of their ads, commercials and magazines because of these things people are trying to hard to be “perfect” like the people in the media. This is causing lots of health problems. In an article Impact of TV advertisements on Teens states “ A study conducted to high school boys and girls concluded that 60% more young women than young men feel unhappy with their body types and physical image due to a media and advertising influence on television.” with this it shows that media is hurting people.

In conclusion many people have seen the damage the media has done and are finding a solution for them and their family or themselves this is great thing that will prevent others from being addicted to the media and try to help others. Families around the world have been a little more strict with their kids and have made new changes to media. In an article Teens in the Crosshairs: Is Targeted Marketing Ethical states “ Among black and Hispanics teens, the average is 12 hours per day.” this shows that families have limited the hours on the media and television. This is good thing that parents, families, teachers are realizing the damage media has done or is still doing others are giving the media a break and avoiding the bad advertisements. And having more self-esteem in themselves and are spending less time on the media.