Gifted Services in Kindergarten

Weekly Lessons

Kindergarten and first grade students are provided gifted teaching and learning through whole group and small group lessons by the gifted resource teacher, and through differentiated teaching and learning developed by the classroom teacher in collaboration with the gifted resource teacher. All gifted resource lessons are based on the Virginia Beach City Public Schools regular education curriculum but are differentiated to increase the level of challenge for students.

Gifted Testing

All first grade VBCPS students are screened for gifted program services. With parent/guardian permission for continued assessment, students who score at the 90th percentile or higher on the screening instrument are referred for additional testing. All students referred for testing are reviewed by the Gifted Identification and Placement Committee.

What this means for you NOW

The parent application form will ask for you to give examples that illustrate your child. Now is the time to begin writing down the things that makes your child unique. What are some of the things they have said that surprised you? What are your child's interests? In what ways does your child demonstrate intense learning? Analytical thinking? Creative and Productive thinking? A High Level of Motivation?

By jotting these things down now, you will have a head start in filling out the referral next year.

A copy of this referral is available to view on