Developmental Milestones

Dyann B

Similar Milestones

By clicking here you will be able to read about the milestones i hit on time with the cdc check list.

Diffrent Timing

I started to crawl around 10 1/2 months (9 months)

I never really got into riding a tricycle until I was 4 years old (3 years)

Special Skills/Talents

My mom always said that I could run faster then most kid at my age of 2


I strongly believe that family should always come first no matter what.

I value each and every day as if it was my last

Decision making

There isn't one decision I make without asking my grandmother about first. She has never given me bad advise. She always tries to help me out the best she can along with my older sister. I have to say that I really do look up to her in some things.

My grandmother always has time to listen to what I have to say no matter what the time is, unless she is sleeping.