An Interview with Ms. Dollinger

By Alexis O.

How she started...

Ms. Dollinger is a business and marketing teacher at Tomball High School. She earned a bachelor's of Business Administration from Sam Houston State University. From there she worked in sales and marketing upon graduating. Her passion for assisting the youth led her back to Sam Houston State University and she completed her Master's in Curriculum and Instruction. She began working in Tomball ISD in 2009 and seems to have enjoyed her time here so far.
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Classes she teaches...

  • Advertising & Sales Promotion
  • BIMI
  • Business Law
  • Digital & Interactive Media
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing
*All grade levels are able to take these classes as long as they haven't already taken them*


Her room is organized and neat. When you first enter the room it is already set up for the next class. She also has folders for easy access to missing assignments.

Her rules stay in place from the begging of the school year and most if not all student understand and obey them. She tries to keep her assignments easy and fun. She does this so that her students can learn and enjoy themselves in her classes.

She is okay with students asking each other for help as long as it is not a major grade or individual assignment. She uses group work so that the kids in her class learn to work together and learn valuable skills in the work environment.

Her words.....