CV MS/HS App Smackdown

Prizes and Bragging Rights!

Join in the inaugural App Smackdown!

We will be holding an app smackdown at a join Middle School and High School faculty meeting. To participate in the smackdown, you must present TWO apps to the faculty. Our goal is to have some fun but also get some exposure to some new apps you may never have seen before.

The winning app will be voted on in one of those very scientific ways like applause-o-meter. So to win, you only need to generate excitement or support--presentation is 9/10ths of the work! It doesn't matter if you think people already know about an app, it is all about making a case for how great it is.

The rules for participation are listed below. The prize will be a Starbucks gift card, a trophy, and bragging rights until the next smackdown! You may work with a partner but there is only one trophy and gift card so you'll have to work it out.

CV MS/HS Inaugural App Smackdown

Monday, April 4th, 3-4pm

CV MS/HS Auditorium

To Compete:
  • Choose 2 apps to present: 1 must have an educational use for teachers or students (this is professional development after all), the other can be either personal interest or educational
  • Email the apps only to Sarah Latimer. They will be kept in strict confidence but used to prep for the event (to hopefully cut down on tech issues!)
  • Prepare your pitch, props, gimmicks, whatever. You will have a maximum of 3 minutes per app to present.
  • Show up ready for the smackdown!
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