Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

BY: Grace Lin

What is this movie about anyway

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin is about a young girl named Minli's perilous journey to change her fortune. On her journey, Minli meets a lot of creatures and people, such as talking dragon who can't fly, a kind king, and an angry tiger! Picture: http://100scopenotes.com/2012/01/18/cover-curiosity-here-be-dragons/

Movie premier

Thursday, Dec. 25th 2025 at 1-3am

11801 Sam Houston Parkway East

Houston, TX

This is not an actual event. Please do not try to die to get to Heaven. This movie would be pretty cool though!

Things to look for:

Pay attention to these important things in the movie, they're really important!

  • Ma
  • Ba
  • Magistrate
  • Moon dragon
  • Jade river
  • Mountain
  • Goldfish
  • Fortune
  • Wealth