Positive Paws

Pawsitive News from the Lincoln Tigers Vol. 1 Issue 2

Mission and Vision of Lincoln Elementary School District #156

Mission: To provide a nurturing environment and curriculum that meets the diverse needs to foster student growth.

Vision: Providing quality education that yields successful citizens.

Morning Affirmations for Students

When you feel good, you do good. Students need to feel good about themselves to be productive and learn at school. Here are a few statements that you and your child(ren) can say every morning before school to ensure a great day.

  • I am strong and determined.
  • I choose my attitude.
  • I am capable.
  • I can get through anything.
  • I will have an amazing day.
  • I am ready to learn.
  • I am loved.

The 4 B's

We have rolled out the 4 B's to all of our students and are using this language daily in order to foster positive behaviors. Please help us by using the same language at home. Reward your child for the positive behaviors and redirect the negative by asking if they are following the 4 B's. Talk about what each of the 4 B's mean in your house. What do they look like at bed time or at the dinner table? What do they look like when you take them out to the store or a restaurant? These expectations can carry over to all aspects of your daily routine. The 4 B's are a fun and easy way for children to remember your expectations.

The 4 B's are...

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Kind

Classroom Markets

Students are starting to earn their Paws. Each classroom should have a classroom market that is open at least twice a month to allow students to exchange their paws for prizes. Some are trinkets and fun fidgets, while saving up their paws could earn them a dress down day or lunch with a teacher. Making rewards available often gives a payoff to the students positive behavior. They can associate the positive behavior with the reward and eventually that behavior becomes habit.

Correcting Negative Behavior

When a child makes an error, provide a quick correction or redirection. For example, if you observe your child showing disrespect to others:

1. Quickly correct or signalthe error. ("That was not respectful.")

2. Re-state the expected behavior. ("We speak kindly to each other to show respect.")

3. Provide an opportunity for positive interaction. (Let's try that again. How would you show respect?")

4. Provide the child positive feedback. ("That was a kind thing to say.")

It is also a good idea to remind expectations before your child is put into a situation. For example, before you enter a restaurant, you can remind them that you expect them to speak with an inside voice, use their napkin to wipe their face and to chew with their mouth closed. By stating these expectations ahead of time, you are setting them up for success!

Current Tiger Troubles

In an effort to continue the development of a strong relationship with you, we want to let you know of some of our struggles here that you can help remedy at home. Our three biggest struggles currently are...

1. Lunchroom behaviors - Our students are having a hard time picking up after themselves, staying seated and using appropriate language.

2. Tardies - Lincoln School starts at 8:20am. Anything later than this is considered a tardy and more importantly loss of instructional time.

3. Dress Code - Navy Blue or Khaki “bottoms”: Navy Blue or Khaki uniform style pants, and cargo pants, fitted at the waist line, capris, jumpers, skorts, and uniform shorts and skirts of fingertip length or longer. Tiger gear sweatshirts are also considered part of the uniform and can be purchased, when available, at school

Leggings, hoodies, graphic sweatshirts and crocs are all things that are NOT in our dress code. Cell phones are also not be a part of the uniform and should be off and stored in the locker.

Thank you for your help in addressing these issues. With a strong partnership we can make great things happen. It takes a village!!