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March 22, 2016


verb - to spit, pop, or squirt with explosive, popping sounds

Example: The old tractor sputtered along the dirt road.

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Important Dates

Friday, March 25th: No School

Tuesday, March 29th: STAAR Testing - 4th Grade Writing and 5th Grade Math

Wednesday, March 30th: STAAR Testing - 5th Grade Reading

Counselor's Corner

How Parents Can Help Children Do Their Best on Tests

The best thing you as a parent can do to help your child do his/her best on standardized tests is to provide positive support by expressing confidence in your child’s ability to do their best. Let this be your expectation, as well. When students were answering questions in guidance on why they get anxious, the most reported answer was fear of disappointing their parents. Children should know that test scores are important, but certainly not the measure of your love and acceptance of them. Let them know you are proud of their effort and that you know they did their best.

On test days, try to provide a calm, stress-free environment each morning as your child gets ready for school. Get up in plenty of time to avoid morning rush and anxiety. Curtail night time extra-curricular activities and outings that may interfere with their regular bedtime routine.

Help teach and reinforce the following test-taking tips and strategies:

· Get Plenty of Rest at night

· Eat a Good Breakfast

· Have a Positive Attitude - “I’ll do great”

· Relax… Don’t Fret

· Try hard…Do Your Best

· Listen Carefully and Follow Directions

· Think Before You Answer

· Read Directions and Questions Carefully

· Don’t Rush… Work at Middle Speed

· Check Over Your Work When Finished

· Don’t Expect to Know Every Answer

They are ready and will do great!

Andi Goldsticker

Bethany Counselor

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Plano ISD Bond Initiative

On May 7, 2016, Plano ISD voters will decide on a $481 million bond proposal to fund initiatives recommended by the Plano ISD Facilities and Technology Task Force. Appointed in August, 2015 by the Plano ISD Board of Trustees, the task force included citizens, business leaders, teachers, principals and parents. The task force reviewed enrollment trends and projections, established construction and renovation needs, validated costs and sought input from fellow community members. After five months of study, debate and public input, the task force made final recommendations to school trustees which are included in this bond proposal.

If approved, the bond initiative will provide funding toward eight major project areas with no increase to the tax rate and will impact all Plano ISD campuses through district-wide security updates, renovations and facility upgrades, as well as technology improvements.

Find out more, including specific project allocations, at You may send questions to

From our Feeder School, Plano Senior High School:

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Plano ISD Pre-K Registration:

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