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December 2015 Newsletter

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5th - 8th

Nutcracker Parent Meetings -

Saturday @ ALL STARS studio

1:15, 3:15, 4:45, and 6:15

more information below regarding meetings held at the studio, as well as potential video chat meetings.

5th, Saturday

Nutcracker General Rehearsal @ ALL STARS

These are mandatory for all LM 3-5th grade & Teen 6-12th grade students participating in "An ALL STARS Nutcracker"

(Pre-Babies & Babies K-2nd do not need to attend this General Rehearsal)

Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to start time listed below


1:30-3:30 pm

Main Cast -- Decorating the Tree
LM, JR & Teen Ballroom -- Guests Arrive
LM Ballroom -- Party Children
JR & Teen Ballroom-- Adults Dance
LM Hip Hop -- Gift Givers
Tap 1 -- Toy Soldiers
Bollywood -- Indian Dolls
Irish -- Irish Dolls
Teen Contemporary 3-- Harlequins
Main Cast -- Clara's Gift

3:30-4:30 pm

Teen Hip Hop & Teen Boys' Club-- Mice vs Soldiers
Main Cast -- Nutcracker Duet
Teen Ballet 2 -- Snow


5-6:30 pm

Selected dancers-- Welcome to the Land of Sweets
Flamenco -- Chocolate
LM & Teen Ballet 1-- Waltz of the Flowers
Belly Dancing -- Coffee <K-2: do not need to attend>

6-8:30 pm

LM & Teen Contemporary 1 & 2-- Ocean
Tap 2 & Clogging -- Can't Stop
Teen Jazz -- Cruisin'
LM Jazz -- Surf's Up
LM Boys Club & Popping/Animation-- Trepak
Selected dancers -- Nutcracker's Welcome
Main Cast -- Sugar Plum Fairy
Kidz Crew Reunite-- Sugar Crew
(6-6:30 pm)ALL ACT 2 -- Good Bye


11th, Friday
Nutcracker Dance DRESS Rehearsal @ North Gwinnett High School

This is mandatory for all students participating in "An ALL STARS Nutcracker"

3:30-3:50 BPWS & Saturday Pre-Baby classes

3:50-4:10 Wed & Thurs Pre-Baby classes

ACT 1 5:00 - 7:00

ACT 2 7:00 - 9:00

(See notes below)

12th, Saturday
"An ALL STARS Nutcracker" Dance Performances
@ Mountain View HS Theater, 2pm & 6pm

Dancers to theatre 1 hour prior to performance, 1pm & 5pm

Hair & Make up done, wearing FIRST costume

13th, Sunday
"An ALL STARS Nutcracker" Dance Performance
@ Mountain View HS Theater, 1:30pm

Dancers to theatre 1 hour prior to performance, 12:30

Hair & Make up done, wearing FIRST costume

14th-19th, Monday - Saturday

Dance Academy COLORS WEEK-- any color dance wear is allowed in class. :-)

19th Winter Fest Party @ ALL STARS 6-9pm

come celebrate with your ALL STARS Family!

sign up at the desk for dish, dessert or drink to bring

21st- Jan. 5th
Dance & Acting Academies CLOSED - Winter Break

24th & 25th
ROCK Academy CLOSED - Merry Christmas

31st & 1st

ROCK Academy CLOSED - Happy New Year

Link to Calendar of Events on the ALLSTARS web site - BE SURE TO CHECK BACK OFTEN

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We wish each of our birthday students a wonderful year! Eat lots of cake!

November Birthdays

3 - Isabella Grisales

5 - Ahtziri Chavez

6 - Alyssia Sarkissian

7 - Corinne McNeal

9 - Sariah Lusco , Kelleen Schwimmer & Addison McKenna

11 - Denise Smith & Marcella Smith

13 - Kylyn Healy

14 - Mrinali Pathak & Hannah Patterson

19 - Kaylee Gaisford & Madyson Millsap

22 - Owen McGuire

23 - Carlos Delarosa & Forrest Harrington

25 - Ally Gasper

28 - Hayden Horvath

29 - Lillian Brockman

30 - Patrick Lawson

December Birthdays

4 - Lorelei Jackson & Mariana Taylor

7 - Carys Scheels

9- Elodi Martinez & Kiara Rios- Burrows

10 - Addison Pullano

11 - Savanna Parnell & Zachary Swanson

12 - Victoria Fonzi

13 - Emily Bryner

15 - Victoria Hollanda & Claire Park

16 - Olivia Wiktorowicz

18 - Sabrina Aravena & Jonathan Dixon

19 - Addison Melton

23 - Michelle Michels & Emily Patterson

25 - Sofi Creek

26 - London Brown, Destiny Corosine & Julien Mendes

27 - Abigail Hunter & Hannelore Robertson

28 - Danielle Michels

29 - Abigail McCain & Autumn Thompson

30 - Gianna Stellato

2nd Annual "An ALLSTARS Nutcracker"

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Times are listed above & below for the General Rehearsals at ALL STARS Performing Arts Academy.

Please note that the overall rehearsal times have not changed.

Act 1 will still be held from 1:30-4:30 pm, and Act 2 from 5-8:30 pm;
we have just spilt the rehearsals up even further based on which dances will take longer to run and perfect due to the number of people involved. This is just to make it easier on all of you! :-)

**Reminder - Pre-Baby & Baby classes do not need to be at this rehearsal**

Please be aware that General Rehearsals are mandatory.

We thank you for your love and support for your dancer and for ALL STARS. We appreciate you allowing your dancer to perform with us in "An ALL STARS Nutcracker" and hope you take pride in what they have accomplished!

Below are a list of all of the dances by Act for your convenience.


1:30-3:30 pm

Main Cast -- Decorating the Tree
LM, JR & Teen Ballroom -- Guests Arrive
LM Ballroom -- Party Children
JR & Teen Ballroom-- Adults Dance
LM Hip Hop -- Gift Givers
Tap 1 -- Toy Soldiers
K-2 Ballet Monday-- Baby Dolls <Sat 2pm only>
Bollywood -- Indian Dolls
K-2 Tap -- Elves <Sat 2pm only>
Irish -- Irish Dolls
K-2 Hip Hop -- Cowboys <Sat 2pm only>
Teen Contemporary 3-- Harlequins
Main Cast -- Clara's Gift

Act 1

3:30-4:30 pm

Pre-Ballet -- Little Mice <sat 2pm or Sun 1:30pm, as assigned>
Teen Hip Hop & Teen Boys' Club-- Mice vs Soldiers
Main Cast -- Nutcracker Duet
Teen Ballet 2 -- Snow


5-6:30 pm

Selected dancers-- Welcome to the Land of Sweets
Flamenco -- Chocolate
LM & Teen Ballet 1-- Waltz of the Flowers
K-2 Ballet Wed & Thu -- Lollipops <Sat 2pm only>
Belly Dancing -- Coffee <K-2: Sat 2pm only>
K-2 Jazz -- Mother Ginger <all 3 shows>

Act 2

6-8:30 pm

LM & Teen Contemporary 1 & 2-- Ocean
Tap 2 & Clogging -- Can't Stop
Teen Jazz -- Cruisin'
LM Jazz -- Surf's Up
LM Boys Club & Popping/Animation-- Trepak
Selected dancers -- Nutcracker's Welcome
Main Cast -- Sugar Plum Fairy
Kidz Crew Reunite-- Sugar Crew
(6-6:30 pm)ALL ACT 2 -- Good Bye
ALL Participants -- Curtain Call

Dress Rehearsal @ North Gwinnett High School

***it is IMPORTANT that you note 2 different locations for dress rehearsal and the show***

Please arrive dressed and ready to perform -- hair in neat ballet bun and make-up

Action photography will be taken during dress rehearsal. Look as if you were ready to perform!

Remember, there is a possibility that your child may need to be checked out early that day, especially the middle school students. Thank you for understanding and helping the rehearsal to run smoothly!

Tickets still available

We know you won't miss the ALL STARS version of the Nutcracker, but don't let your family friends and neighbors miss out!

What a great and entertaining show for all ages. See how Clara enjoys her family's holiday party and the adventure she sets off to afterward, through Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Bollywood, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Irish, Clogging, and more...
Tickets only $5 on sale NOW @ ALL STARS. 678-400-0091

December 12th & 13th - 3 SHOWS! @ Moutain View High School

Nutcracker Parent Meetings

We will be offering "Parent Meetings" prior to the Nutcracker production to provide valuable information about costume changes, make-up, timing of the shows and theatre etiquette :)

This is not mandatory, but highly recommended!!!

It will also be a great opportunity to get your questions answered by "Dance Moms" that have "Been there, Done that!" (Still waiting for a t-shirt!)

Saturday, Dec. 5th is General Rehearsal. As this is mandatory for all dancers participating we will hold 4 "Parent Meetings" that day, coordinated with drop-off for your dancer.

Wait outside the dance studio (hopefully it won't be raining) and we will gather to a location to meet.

TImes for meetings on Saturday, Dec. 5th. You only need to choose one time!


IF you cannot make it to one of those 4 times, you will have the option of participating in a live chat using ZOOM, which is an app for smart phones, and can also be used on computers with microphone and video capabilities. An email will be sent with information on how and when to sign up for those "meetings".

We plan on holding them on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 6:45-7:15pm.

Any questions about Parent Meetings can be directed to Liz Bryner, Patsy McCain, Sarah Little, or through the front desk email

Help Needed for Nutcracker - props, costumes and set up

Hello, ALL STARS! Less than 2 weeks to Nutcracker! All the teachers and dancers are working hard and getting happily anxious about the show. I am very proud of them, and I know that you will enjoy it immensely.

Now, we are looking for volunteers to help with prop making and transportation of set pieces, and we are looking to borrow some items you may have around the house. Please let me know if there is anything you can help with. I feel so grateful and honored you have trusted me with your children's performing arts education. Thank you so much for supporting your dancers and the entire ALL STARS Family.

Please let me know, if you can help with any of these things. THANK YOU. <3

Items needed to borrow:

-- 5..... 50' + extension cords

-- Moving dollies

-- Donation of yardage of turquoise or light blue chiffon

Transportation needed:
moving truck, or pick-up trucks and drivers :-) to move the following:

Friday, Dec 11, 10am loading. from ALL STARS to North Gwinnett High School, and back to ALL STARS 9:00/9:30pm loading

Saturday, Dec 12, 10am loading, from ALL STARS to Mountain View High School, and back to ALL STARS on Sunday, Dec 13, 4:00pm loading

- Large Sleigh (30"x8')

- 6 platform boxes ( 2'x2', 2'x1.5')

- 8+ costume boxes

- large platform 6'x2'x20")

- 2 ballet bars (12')

Friday, Dec 11, 9am, from Home Depot Buford to Mountain View High School

- Christmas Trees in boxes: 2 six-foot trees, 2 eight-foot trees, 1 10-foot tree

- Tree lights

Help needed

Monday, Nov 30, 10:30am

3-4 people: -- Safety pinning Mother Ginger's Skirt: safety pin garland to Mother Ginger's skirt

2 people: -- Paint boxes Black (paintbrush, not roller)

1-2 people: -- Decorate Arabian Table: Safety pin/ tack fabric to table

Tuesday, Dec 1, 10:30am

3-5 people: -- Ocean veils: use small hand lighters to burn the edges of the veils so they won't fray

2-3 people: -- Waltz Hoops: Tape and secure flowers on the hoops

2 people: -- Mouse heads: hand sew baseball caps into mouse head masks (as done for Crow heads)

Wednesday, Dec 2, 10:30am

2 people: -- Soldier hats: secure edges with tape and add elastic

1-2 people: -- Trepak hats: hand sew elastic to hats

1 person: -- Trepak sashes: cut strips of fabric to make sashes

1 person: -- Sleigh: light carpentry: add wood framing to sleigh for transportation purposes and paint

Thursday, Dec 3, 10:30am

2-3 people: -- Sleigh: glue silver glitter/sequins to decorate sleigh

3-4 people: -- inventory and organize costumes


Friday, Dec 11, North Gwinnett High School

8-10 people: -- Unload trucks, set-up backstage: costumes, props


8-10 people: -- pack costumes and props, load trucks

Saturday, Dec 12, Mountain View High School

10 people: -- Set-up Christmas Trees and put lights on

2 people: -- set-up extension cords for trees

2 people: -- tape stage floor

10 people: -- costumes set-up

PILOT performed @ 37 Main, if you missed it catch their last song from their incredible performance

PILOT Last Song at 37main

Come see the Rock Academy's MAKE- A-BAND kids perform Dec. 5th

Big image

ALL STARS Acting Academy

Acting Academy is having a great time with Ms. Angie in Musical Theatre and Mr. Donnie in TV/Film.
Are you thinking that acting might be for you? Or know someone that is all about the "drama"?

Plan on starting with us in January! It will be a great season.

Want a sneak peak at what it is all about? Enjoy a good show?

The ALL STARS Musical Theatre students will be having an in-house show on December 19th!

Shout Outs & Congratulations

Congratulations to our own Daniela Agudelo! She was the winner of the Miss Teen Hermosa Latina!

Follow the link to the Miss Hermosa Latina pageant's website to see what it was all about!

We have 3 ALL STARS Students that participated in and are now Gwinnett County PTA "Refelctions" winners! The theme this year was "Let Your Imagination Fly"

Mrinali Pathak
Level Creek ES 3rd Grade Film/Video Production - grade level winner!

Lorelei Jackson
Sycamore ES 3rd grade Dance Choreography - grade level & county level winner!

Emily Bryner
Lanier Middle School 6th grade Dance Choreography - grade level & county level winner!

What an incredible accomplishment! Be sure to offer them your congratulations!


They "wowed" the spectators at the Diwali Celebrations and received Medals of Honor given by the crowd to the most beloved performers. This is a great honor for our ALL STARS dancers!

CALLING ALL A & B students!

Report cards will be sent out soon...let us celebrate and acknowledge your hard work in the classroom!

Please have a parent let us know at the front desk, or bring a copy of your report card to show us. We'll add your name to our A's & B's board!

Winter Fest Party - Saturday Dec. 19th, 6-9pm

Time to celebrate as an ALL STARS Family. Music, Dancing, Games and clean ALL STARS Fun!
Sign up at the front desk to bring a dish or drinks. Then join us on the 19th at the studio!

Merry Christmas!

TUITION IS DUE... Late Fees charged after December 7th

Remind 101

The studio will begin using the Remind 101 service as a way of keeping parents up-to-date on performance reminders, changes to schedules and immediate important information. We will not use this service to replace emails or newsletters.

This is a free service that allows messages to be sent by the studio to your phone via text or to an email account.

Information on how to set this up on your phone or email will be at the front desk soon.

FAQ of the month

Q. The Nutcracker is fast approaching. What can I do at home to have my dancer ready for a great performance?

A. I am so glad you asked! In no particular order...

1. attend a parent meeting - it will be very informative

2. LABEL all of your dancers clothing, shoes, hair accessories! If you want it back, put their name on it!

3. know the order of your dancer's performances.

a. layer their costumes in a laundry basket in order BACKWARDS

b. print off a list of the show line up (it is written above!) and highlight your child's dances. be sure they know the order AND leave a copy of the highlighted line up in their laundry basket in case they forget.

c. have the FIRST costume on at check in, with tan leotard and tights layered underneath for quick costume changes.

4. MAKE UP and HAIR - if it is unfamiliar to you, practice their hair and makeup BEFORE the day of dress rehearsal. ASK if you are unsure. We have tutorials we can send you links to or we can show you ourselves.

5. Have your dancer practice, practice, practice at home.

6. be at every class and rehearsal from now til show time!

7. Be supportive! This is a huge deal and the dancers are so excited. Bring family and friends to come watch them put on this fabulous Holiday Experience!

Family Businesses

Did you know we are now advertising YOUR businesses?

Check out the FAMILY BUSINESS section of our website! Many of our parents and families work their own businesses - sales, consultants, health & wellness.

This holiday season be sure to take a look at what our ALL STARS families have to offer!


as we make many attempts to advise you of upcoming events and performances, please remember it is the student and parent's responsibility to be aware of all ALL STARS activities, dates and events, such as performances, extra classes, and dates the studio is open or closed. ASPA will communicate all such notices via email, on the bulletin board inside the studio, the website and often through Facebook and monthly newsletters. Parents should check these mediums frequently to ensure they are informed.
Please remember to inform us of any email, phone number or address changes.