"The Outsiders"

Chapter 6 Summary


- Jay Mountain, Windrixville

- Hospital

- Dairy Queen

Character Development

  • Johnny changes his thoughts and wants to turn himself into the cops.

  • Ponyboy decides to rescue the kids from inside the church, Johnny follows.

  • Ponyboy changes by understanding that Darry loves and cares about him.


Family – Johnny still cares about his parents, Ponyboy misses his brothers.

- this shows that Johnny and Ponyboy love their families no matter what happens.

Violence – Dally clubs Ponyboy over the back because Pony’s jacket was on fire.

- this is a form of violence where Dally is actually protecting Ponyboy.

Friendship – The gang misses Ponyboy and Johnny.

- this shows that Ponyboy and Johnny are an important part of the gang.

Judgment/Social Class – Ponyboy tells Jerry that his a Greaser and he’ll find out pretty quick if he takes him into town.

- this shows the different social classes and the way people are judged for being Greasers

Characters Involved

Ponyboy – Ponyboy hears kids yelling from inside the burning church and he goes in and saves them. Pony boy’s back catches on fire so Dally hits his back and knocks him out. Ponyboy wakes up in an ambulance. At the hospital Pony reunites with his brothers. Ponyboy realises that Darry cares about him a lot.

Johnny – Johnny wants to turn himself in. Johnny cares about his parents, even though they don’t care about him. A piece of timber falls on his back when he is rescuing the kids. His back is broken.

Dally – Dally visits Pony and Johnny at the church. He sees that Ponyboy’s back on fire and hits his back, knocking him out. Dally’s jacket saved Pony from severe burns.

Jerry – Jerry is a school teacher. He kept Ponyboy company in the ambulance. He asked if Ponyboy and Johnny are professional heroes, Pony tells him they are Greasers/JD’s. He tells Ponyboy that he shouldn’t smoke; Ponyboy is shocked because no one has told him that before.

Darry – Darry and Sodapop reunite with Pony at the hospital. Darry cries.

Sodapop – Soda hugs Ponyboy at the hospital.

Important Quotes

ž“Oh, Pony, I thought we’d lost you… like we did Mom and Dad…” (p. 121)

ž“I couldn’t tell Dally that I hated shooting things. He’d think I was soft.” (p.105-106)

ž“Johnny had been quietly finishing his fifth barbecue sandwich, but now he announced: “Were goin’ back and turn ourselves in”.” (p.106)

ž“You sure you want to go back? Us greasers get it worse than anyone else.”

ž“No wonder Johnny was hurt because his parents didn’t want him. Dally could take it – Dally as the breed that could take anything because he was hard and tough, and when he wasn’t, he could turn hard and tough.” (p.108)

ž“…We have reached the top of Jay mountain and Dally suddenly slammed on the brakes and stared. “Oh, glory!” he whispered. The church was on fire!” (p.110)

ž“Then we all froze. Faintly, just faintly, you could hear someone yelling. And it sounded like it was coming from inside the church. (p.111)


Significant Events

- Dally comes to visit Ponyboy and Johnny at the church

- Johnny wants to turn himself in

- The whole gang is worried about Ponyboy and Johnny

- Johnny asks if his parents are worried, Dally says no

- Johnny cares about his parents even though they hate him

- They come back to Jay mountain to see the church in flames

- They got out of the car and saw many school kids with their teachers in front of the church

- They hear yelling from inside the church

- They go inside the burning church to save the school kids

- Dally knocks out Ponyboy

- Ponyboy wakes up in the ambulance

- Johnny brakes his back

- Dally’s jacket saved Ponyboy from severe burns

- Ponyboy reunites with his brothers at the hospital

- Darry cries for the first time since his mum and dads funeral