Colt Chronicle

April 27-May 8


April 28: Stacy K and Melody out

April 29: 3 PM PACE Update for all PACE "certified" professional staff members

April 30: Grades 3-5 Progress Notes go home

COM at 2:25 PM in the library

May 1: TLAP Day at McCall!

May 4: Several staff members out for Region 10 Tech Leadership Conference

May 5: Several staff members out for Region 10 Tech Conference/ Kimbriel out in the AM

May 6: Debbie and Stacy out for the morning for principal meeting

May 6: 3 PM Leadership Meeting in Kelly Taylor's room

May 8: PTA hosting Muffins for Moms; please allow children into class late

Teacher Appreciation Week

Many of us will be showering our teaching staff with appreciation next week. The PTA has several treats planned for the week. Debbie and I will have some small tokens of appreciation to supplement the week. One of the most favorite treats of all time is JEANS. Please feel free to wear jeans next week as a token of appreciation for all that you ALL do for the children.

Here's an overview of the plans from PTA:

May 5th: Lattes on Location

May 7th: Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

May 8th: Dessert Bar

Please be sure that you thank PTA for their hard work in making sure that you all have an awesome week. There are more surprises in store, so enjoy the attention next week.

Visioning Institute Learning

I've now been away for several days of learning with the Plano Visioning institute. I can honestly say that I am so excited with the direction that this group is headed and the dreams that we have for our organization, our schools, and our kids. I feel honored that my application was selected for this opportunity. Here's a link to my reflection from my latest learning session: . Excuse the video, if you are able to click on it!

Thank you!

Our McCall TLAP PLC (that's a loaded bunch of acryonyms!) has me so proud of their work this school year. I hope that all of you and the children love your day of inspirational learning on May 1st as we venture into our very first TLAP day. I know Dave Burgess would be so proud of you as well. I do encourage you to tweet and take a lot of pictures that can be shared on our McCall FB page to document this great day of learning you all have planned for the children.

Thank you to all the TLAP PLC members for a successful study of Teach LIke a Pirate and really digging into your goals for the school year.

Teacher of the Year Banquet Honoring Lori Smith

Thursday, May 14th, 6:30pm

2000 East Spring Creek Parkway

Plano, TX

McCall has SIX FREE tickets to the event. You may place your name in the drawing if you did not attend the Service Event for free. Please email Alicia ( to enter the drawing.

Conversely, if you would like to purchase a ticket to the event, Alicia is also your point of contact. She will let you know the price of each ticket for the event.

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