Burden Lake Conservation Association, Inc.

Update From the President

The summer season at Burden Lake is upon us. Our Burden Lake Conservation Association (BLCA) Board has been busy working on several important items over the winter months. Each committee will report to members at our opening event on Friday, May 24 at the Club House.

I am excited to report that the BLCA has received its not-for-profit 501 c-3 tax exempt status. As a result, Steve Quillinan, our Finance Committee Chair will now file for our Sales Tax Exempt Certificate which will place the BLCA in a stronger financial position. These tax savings will allow the BLCA to apply much needed funding to its water quality mission.

Thank you to the members who have sent in 2019 dues and for the generous water quality donations. If you haven't had a chance to mail or use PayPal through the link on the BLCA website it would be appreciated if you could. Please keep the 2019 dues/donations coming in.

Here's looking towards an exciting season of working together to maintain the beauty of Burden Lake. I look forward to member input and seeing you in the coming months.

Rich Amadon, BLCA President

Opening Member Social and Meeting

Friday, May 24th, 6-8pm

BLCA Clubhouse at 8 Brook Spring Avenue, Averill Park, NY, USA

Pizza night, meeting and family social. Adults $10, Kids under 10 years $5 and Toddlers Free.

Come and get an update on the BLCA activities and update your membership for the 2019 season. Neighbors and new friends are invited.

Big picture

Events for Water Quality - Contact Wendy Will to schedule an event or 518.522.8535

2019 events planned. So mark your calendars!

May 24 - Opening Member Social and Meeting 6:00 - 8:00 PM

General Meeting - BLCA BOD

June 30 - Pancake Breakfast - Dennis Ryan and Rick Kopcho 8:00 - 11:00 AM

June/July Date TBA - Paint and Sip Night - - Goomy Ashline

July 11 - Red Sauce Night - Steve Quillinan and Cindy Nadel 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

July 19 - History Night - Connor Kopcho - 7:00 PM

July 27 - Night at the Races - Mark and Babe Scully - Post time 6:00 PM

August 2 - “Burden Lake Takeover of June Farms” - Matt Baumgartner - 5:00 PM

August 9 - Comedy Night “The Not Too Far From Home Comedy Tour”Janice Tighe - 8:00 PM

August 24 - Kids Lip Sync/Ice Cream Social - Lori Dunigan and Cherisse Young - 5 PM

August 31- Adult Lip Sync - doors open at 8:00 PM - Bo Weidman

Date TBA- BBQ, Corn Hole Afternoon - Alea Ashline

Event Committee: Wendy Will, Kyle Murphy, Alea Ashline, and Donna Kopcho

Finance Committee

The Finance committee and all the BLCA members have been busy this past year.

The BLCA's new standing of the 501c3 IRS status brings many interesting benefits to our association. We plan to report the benefits to the membership at the opening meeting May 24.

The treasure's job is to file taxes for our 6/30/2019 fiscal year end and will keep the entire finance committee (listed below) very active.

Steve Quillinan, Russ Bennett, Mark Cioffi, Dennis Ryan, Paul Ashline, and Digger Dunigan.

Billing and collection of BLCA membership dues and collection of water quality fund have been progressing nicely. Last year for 2018 we had 123 family/individual memberships and 90 donations for water quality. This year so far we have 79 family/individual memberships and 62 donations for water quality. Please join the list of paid membership and water quality supporters that will be listed in the next newsletter and posted at the Clubhouse.

Thank you for your support of the 2019 spring membership/water quality drive.

Stephen J Quillinan, Treasurer and Finance committee chairman

Social Media

Alea Ashline has been working hard at keeping you up-to-date through Facebook, Instagram, and Evites. If you have photos or something you would like shared please send a message to Alea through the BLCA email at Thank you!

Water Quality Committee

Rich Amadon, Russ Bennett, Dennis Ryan, and Steve Scarlata have been working hard filling out applications and meeting with DEC. The good news is that the Eco-Harvester is on it's way and more information will be shared on May 24.

Frequently asked questions asked by members?

  • How can I get involved? Call a board member or committee member and tell us how you want to help.
  • How does the Evites help in planning events? When you answer an Evite from the BLCA it helps in planning for the number of people attending. It also secures your price to be the pre-event price for an event.
  • How does PayPal work? PayPal helps members pay for events through debit or credit cards and helps with cash flow so moneys are deposited directly to the BLCA account.
  • Do I have to have a PayPal account to go to a BLCA event? NO, PayPal is a secure site and does not require an account. You can use the method of payment you want without opening an account or pay at the door of an event.
  • How do I get a friend or neighbor on the list to receive invites to events and meetings (Evite)? Invite them to become a member of the BLCA and forward this newsletter to them. Contact Olga or Alea Ashline to get their email on our list., or
  • How can someone become a member? The easiest way is to fill out an application on website or contact a board member.
  • How do I learn more about the Eco-Harvester? Call anyone on the Water Quality committee.

Club House Clean Up - May 4 - A Success!

The initial clean up of the club went well despite the rainy weather.

The water is on and the bathroom are clean. The Kitchen was polished and refrigerator wiped. Some fixtures and electric was tinkered with. The outside was sprayed and pressure washed. Flowers were planted and "to do" lists were made.

A special thank you to those who helped, Debbie & Larry McKeough, Maggie Fusco, Sara & Andrew Hayes, Dennis Ryan, Trish Newell, Wayne Erno, Ken Cioffi, Adam Cioffi, Paul & Goomy Ashline and Steve Scarlata.

BLCA Board Members include:

Richard Amadon, President 518.479.1219

Olga Ashline, VP/Secretary 518.281.1750

Steve Quillinan, Treasurer 518.281.7020

Steve Scarlata, 518.674.6071

Paul Ashline, 518.365.2501

Kyle Murphy, 646.753.2189

Adam Cioffi, 518.674.5936

Wendy Will, 518.522.8535

Paul Yonkers 518.477.6543

Special Committee Members that should be recognized for all their hard work include Dennis Ryan, Russ Bennett, Digger Dunigan, Alea Ashline, Larry McKeough, Judy Scarlata, Donna Kopcho, Rick Kopcho and Mark Cioffi. And thank you to all our members that try to help in so many special ways to maintain the beauty of Burden Lake!

This newsletter is dedicated to our long time friend Barbara Yonkers.

Barbara Yonkers passed away a year ago on May 3, 2018. She was always seen smiling. Barbara will be remembered for her love of family and her home on Burden Lake. You're still in our hearts.