A Super Food

Health Benefits

-Reduce risk of heart disease

-Lowers cholesterol

-Protects artery walls

-Strong bones and teeth

-Improves brain function

Vitamins and Minerals

Some vitamins and minerals found in almonds are Riboflavin, Vitamin E, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Fiber, Biotin, Molybdenum

HIstory of the Almond

In ancient times almonds were a sign of social importance. Pharaohs ate bread that contained almonds. In ancient Rome, almonds were gave at weddings as a sign of fertility. Spaniards brought almond trees over to California. Since then Americans give sugared almonds as a sign of children, happiness, romance, good wealth and fortune.

Almond Brown Sugar Brownies

Rich, sweet brownies that is easy to make. Produces 40 servings per batch.

Fun Facts of Almonds

-Traders would eat almonds when they traveled the "Silk Road".

-California has a many acres of almond trees.



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