What Types of Photography?

There are different types of photography. Photography is used in Crime scenes and in animation. People take photographs of nature and other people. Many people in the world do different photography. Photography is very in New York and LosAngeles. A lot of famous people live there. Paparazzi is a free land photographer who pursues celebrities to get photographs of them. Paparazzi is not so common in areas such as Ohio ,Kentucky, Indiana or Florida.

Why We Take Tictures

Why do we take PICTURES? Let me tell why it is so we can capture the moment . We can then remember the moment for years to come. That is why! Every day we are in pictures. Think about it when you are walking, in a school, store or restaurant. all of these places have security cameras. If you are the one taking the picture, what do you think you will need? A camera of an electronic device that will take a picture. Some electronic devices are

  • Tablets
  • Phone
  • and Cameras You may also want a tripod or an selfie stick.

Editing Your Picture

Once you get done taking your picture you may began editing. Brightness when you touch or tap you might be able to you might be able to move the picture up or down or side to side. If you move down the picture will get very dark eventually your picture will get almost black but a little lighter than black. Your bright ness will start at 50. If you are taking a picture of a person who has brown eyes but in the picture they get red-eye in the picture. You can tap the red-eye button and touch the eye, then the red-eye goes away.


Where would want to take a good looking photo? Here are some ideas. These places include:

  • Parks
  • Churches
  • Open areas
  • Studios
  • Buildings such as restaurants, barns and homes
  • beaches
  • Mountains
Most of these places are used for photos.

This is what PHOTOGRAPHY means

Click on this tab and you can find the trough meaning of photography.

Why this video is important.

this video is important because it will show you a little of the history of photography. The three photos above one of the first cameras ever made. This video is of the history of photography.
A Short History of Photographs