Behlau Counseling Chronicles

March 2020

Northside Threads Jean Drive

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Student Leadership will be holding a blue jean drive in remembrance of Diane Hockey, one of our Behlau teachers who passed away earlier this school year. Behlau would like to honor her by holding this blue jean drive in her name. This will run from Monday, March 2 through Friday, March 6.

This is a great time to do some Spring cleaning and donate any gently used jeans your family may have that no longer fit. NISD Threads accepts all jean sizes (child to adult) and makes them available for families in the Northside disctrict who are in need of clothing assistance.

*If your family would benefit from clothing assistance, please feel free to reach out to Behlau Counselors, Mrs. Larson or Mrs. Pena. The referral process is very simple.

Spring Break camps in San Antonio

Visit the link below for many interactive and diverse camps available to your child(ren) during Spring Break. This website also has a "Calendar" link that has events happening around San Antonio during Spring Break and all year around from free family Saturdays at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology to Story Time and Book Garden on Tuesdays at Hemisfair!

Free meals during Spring Break

Northside ISD will be providing free breakfast and lunch at Cable Elementary during Spring Break. These free meals are available to any Northside student.
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Guidance lessons at Behlau

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The counselors have been hard at work helping students understand how important having a growth mindset is. During guidance lessons, students have been encouraged to challenge negative thinking and reframe those thoughts into more productive, helpful language. For example, instead of: "This is too hard, I give up." Say: "This is going to be challenging but with some patience, I can do this." A healthy self-dialogue paired with a positive attitude towards making mistakes and completing challenging tasks makes the biggest difference in developing resiliency.

Military Brats meeting - Last one of the school year

Friday, March 20th, 7am

2355 Camp Light Way

San Antonio, TX

We will meet at 7:00 am in the resource room!

Getting your children ready for testing season

As testing season approaches, students may feel a heightened sense of worry or anxiousness. You can help prepare your child in several ways.

  • Encourage your child to practice calming strategies. Mrs. Pena and Mrs. Larson work with students on mindful breathing. This has many benefits, including calming and relaxing the body when it is feeling tense or worried. You can also help your child create a test-day mantra and have them practice it. An example of a mantra could be: "I am successful and strong." or "I can only do my best."
  • Practice self-care. Examples of self-care could be eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep the week leading up to the test, spending time with people you love, and speaking kindly to yourself.

Source: Counselor Keri