Team 6-1 Newsletter

October 17, 2016

Edmodo Homework Board

We update the Edmodo Homework Board every night. Even if your student is absent, we encourage him/her to check Edmodo for missed assignments as he/she feels better.
Parent-Teacher conferences - sign up here

Conferences are Mon, Nov. 21 and Tues, Nov. 22

Accel ELA & Humanities - Ms. Campbell

Accelerated ELA

We have just started working on Point-of-View and will be working (Hopefully, if the technology gods are kind!) on a new program that will allow the students to record their own voices demonstrating point-of-view this week and next.


We've just finished up with Propaganda today, and will be starting with Bias tomorrow. Next week we will be working on an Election Project. (The project will involve student friendly sites and the candidates' official sites, which should allay any concerns parents might have about any untoward language.) More details to follow!

Math & ELA - Mrs. Johnson

Regular Math (3rd & 8th periods)

We just wrapped up our first book, Prime Time, by focusing on the Distributive Property and combining like terms to simplify expressions. After some practice solving equations, we will unit on ratios, rates, and percents.

Accelerated Math

We learned to combine “like” terms and use the Distributive Property when solving equations. We are working on 7th grade standards currently as we perform operations and solve equations with integers. After integers, we will begin a unit on ratios, rates, and percents.


We will be writing objective summaries and identifying the central idea after reading different texts. We will strive to write attention-grabbing leads and describe with more vivid words as we begin some Halloween-themed writing. We began learning Word Within a Word List # 3 (test probably Oct.28) . Finally, students should be reading at home and should bring a reading book for our Friday afternoon silent reading time.

Read 180 & Science - Ms. Miesse

In Read 180 we have finished our first unit! We will be taking the skills test this week. Students will be bringing home progress reports this week to show their progress. Please sign up for Conferences for November 21 and 22.

In Science we have finished our first unit on Science Skills. We finished the unit with a hands-on lab. Students will complete a study guide in class on Tuesday and take the assessment on Wednesday, October 19. The cotaught class will take the test on Thursday.

Support Stratford PTA

For a $25 donation to "Stratford Middle School PTA", you can receive a Stratford Middle School Baseball Cap. The deadline for the cap order is Wednesday October 19.

We also have our checkbook (like cash) book still available. For a $15 donation, you can receive a coupon checkbook with an amazing $150 worth of certificates. Please complete the donation form and return to the school office.

Clubs & Sports

Encourage your student to get involved.

Crochet Club meets the next 5 Thursdays. Wrestling begins this week. Art Club begins soon. Yearbook Club is underway. Stem Club will be begin in November for our innovators and young scientists. (More details to follow next week).