by Chloe and Abigale

Why we Chose Saturn

Why Saturn we chose Saturn .The meaning of Saturn's name is the Roman god of agriculture. Saturn has 7 ring groups and millions of rings. These rings are actually made of asteroids, ice, and rocks. We chose saturn because of one the rings and two it was a gas giant.

Saturns Rings

Saturns rings are 99 percent water and ice. Unlike Jupiter, Uranus and Neptunes rings this gas giant has spectacular rings. This is one of Saturns key atractions. Each of these rings has a name. A ring, B ring, C ring, D ring, G ring, E ring and F ring.

Cool things about Saturn

The great atractions

Did you know saturn had a storm called the Dragon Storm? The storm arose in September 2004, and this was one of the great atractions of Saturn.
The Rings of Saturn [6] : 7 Wonders of the Solar System