Lobo Update

September 6, 2022

Weekly Emails

We will be sending home a weekly email that will give you your child's grades, citizenship, and if they owe any detention hours. You will start seeing this email on Monday, Sept 12.

Detention will start next week. Students can sign up for detention in Mrs. Dahls or Mrs. Omans classrooms during lunch. It is limited to 10 kids per lunch. Students can also work on detention hours by staying after school and working with their teachers.


Come join us at the General PTA meeting

Friday, September 9th 9am

We understand that life is busy but many of the things that the PTA needs help with require only a few hours a school year. There are many different ways you can serve that does not take very much time by judging reflections, donating food for teachers, helping at the book fair, fundraising and so much more. Come to our general meeting so you can meet new people, connect with your child's school and see how you can help make Spanish Fork Junior High a great place for your child. If you haven't signed up for the PTA yet that is okay some anyways. We hope to see you there!

Please contact, Amber Hebdon, SFJHS PTA President if you have any questions. 385-535-8722

School Fees

School fees may be paid online by going to myschoolfees.com. Items such as the Chromebook Protection Plan and yearbooks can also be paid through My School Fees when paying for required fees. These items are listed under “optional fees.” All credit card transactions, whether in person or online, will incur a $2 fee as directed by a recent district finance policy.

Administrators will be available to answer questions and help with fee waivers. It is necessary to apply for a fee waiver annually; last year’s application will not be valid for this school year. Students may receive a fee waiver for one of the following reasons:

  • Family receives TANF (currently qualified for financial assistance or food stamps)
  • Student receives Supplemental Security Income (qualified child with disabilities)
  • Student qualifies for McKinney-Vento
  • Student is in Foster Care (under Utah or local governmental supervision) or State Custody
  • Student is eligible based on family/household income verification

Please bring the required income verification as described in the fee waiver application as well as the application English Fee Waiver Application / Spanish Fee Waiver Application

Chromebook Protection Plan

An optional Chromebook Protection Plan is available for $30. This will cover the initial cost of a lost or damaged chromebook. We encourage parents to purchase the Chromebook Protection Plan in case of loss or damage. The cost to replace a chromebook is $300. This fee will be assessed to the student in the event of a lost, stolen or damaged chromebook. The Chromebook Protection Plan can be paid for online through myschoolfees.com long with all other fees listed under “optional fees.” Additional information regarding the Chromebook Protection Plan coverage is located on our website at https://sfjhs.nebo.edu/content/parent-and-student-information. We encourage purchasing the protection plan.

Parent Information

The 3 M's of Digital Parenting

Kids use technology every single day. And although you might not feel prepared to help your kids navigate a complex digital world, it’s becoming a really important part of your job as a parent.

This week’s podcast features Carrie Rogers-Whitehead, founder of Digital Respons-Ability, Utah’s digital citizenship education program. Through her work, Carrie has talked with many parents who feel anxious about managing their kids' phones and screen time.

But, as Carrie tells Michaelann, digital parenting doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Three simple principles can guide parents through every stage of their child’s development.

  1. Model. Parents can set an example for their very young children by modeling healthy technology use.

  2. Manage. As tweens begin to get their own phones and accounts, parents explain rules and supervise screen time.

  3. Monitor. Older teens are able to take charge of their technology use, while parents watch their children’s moods and behaviors for signs of distress.

Listen to the entire episode to learn more about the 3 M’s of digital parenting, how to get your child on board with family rules, and what you can stop worrying about when it comes to tech.

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Calendar Events

Wednesday, September 7. Girls Tennis Intramurals @Payson Jr

Thursday, September 8. Girls Tennis Intramurals @ Salem Jr.

Friday, September 9. Term 1 Midterm

Cross Country @ Springville Jr. @3:30 pm