Friday Focus

JSE Staff May 29th

"Love Your People"

Enjoy three more days with each of your students! Hard to believe you have spent 9 months growing these little people! I've got the doughnuts Monday:)

As I visited classrooms this week, I observed our end of the year "focus" present in each classroom. JSE teachers give 100% to encourage students to give 100% for 100% of our learning days!

Next week please encourage students to attend our summer reading program! Show them our website: Links of Interest Menu and make sure they all know their passwords from computer class learning websites: Schoolbo, Reading Eggs, Sumdog.

Thank you for working with Joe and following the check-out list to wrap up the school year.

Looking forward to field day on Monday! Thank you Allison!


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Class Lists: Monday and Tuesday Teacher Grade Level Meetings

I hope the student information sheets and grade to grade teacher meetings will generate discussion to support us in addressing student needs next year. Please let Chris or me know if you would like either of us to be a part of your meeting or if we can answer any questions. Thank you for all your work to make student transitions seamless as possible.

Two more summer reading opportunities from the DOE:

The Hoosier Family of Readers (HFR) initiative is stronger than ever thanks to hundreds of partners statewide and relationships between the Department, National Center for Families Learning, Capstone Publishing and myON Books.

Through these partnerships the Hoosier of Family Readers initiative is proud to offer Indiana students free online access to all the digital reading content within myOn Books library beginning May 15th.

In addition, in collaboration with the National Center for Families Learning - creators of the acclaimed WONDEROPOLIS website - we will launch a new website featuring 12 unique Indiana destination locations. Families will be encouraged to visit in person -- or virtually; simply by logging into WONDERful Indiana Destinations after June 1!

Teachers, please show your students how to access myON Books over the summer by viewing the myON tutorial: Through this link you will see a short tutorial you can share with your students. In addition, on the HFR website, you can download and print out a flyer where students can identify their family of readers and use the flyer to provide parents with information on how to participate in the Hoosier Family of Readers.

Important Reminders:

  • 9am K-4th awards assembly Tuesday, June 2nd.
  • June 3rd 5th Grade Recognition and picnic, stop by for a hot dog!
  • June 3rd Kickball Game 2pm