Summer Reading Project: Death Cloud

By: Ethan Caldwell

Comprehension: Webpage

Death Cloud

By: Andrew Lane


A young boy named Sherlock Holmes is in for an adventure when he has to visit his relatives out in the country for the summer. Instead of having a normal summer,Sherlock becomes curious about a unfortunate mishap of two men. When Holmes discovers they did not die of plague he starts solving the mystery of a mysterious murder from an evil villain.

Character Analysis:

Sherlock Holmes: Protagonist, He plays the most important role in the story because he is the one who solves the mystery. He is a smart 14 year old who just came out of deepdene school for boys. He really tries hard to make friends but it's not easy for him because he is teased. After moving in with his aunt and uncle Sherlock makes a couple new friends. This includes Matty Arnatt, Amyus Crowe, and Virginia Crowe. His character traits include smart, curious, problem solver, hard worker, loving, inquisitive, lone wolf, mysterious, and friendly.

Mycroft Holmes: Protagonist, Sherlock's older matured brother who works for the CIA in England. He is important because he sends Sherlock to Holmes Manor, if he did not do this Sherlock would not start the rising action that leads to the climax. His character traits include Brilliant, smart, tough, mature, technically just a older version of Sherlock.

Matty Arnatt: Protagonist, Tough, traveler, friendly, hard worker, problem solver.

Amyus Crowe: Protagonist, Intelligent, odd, planner, leader, tutor, mysterious, all knowing, wise.

Baron Maupertuis: Antagonist, This is the villain in the story. He is important because without him there would be no conflict which would mean no story. Evil, mischievous, criminal, smart.

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If you can not see the plot diagram here is the link of the email for the diagram.