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Staff Update 5.13.16


  • Important Dates
  • This Week- General Update/Comments
  • Wellness Week
  • PTO Yearbook Message
  • Barnes and Noble offering
  • Eagle's Extensions
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Important dates:

  • May 13th - 4th Grade Field Trip
  • May 16th - Spring Fling - bring a towel - some water activities
  • May 17th - Move Up Day for 4th Graders (9:45am)
  • May 19th - BWE Board Presentation (Student of the Month, Building Showcase, CIP)
  • May 23rd - Eagle Explorers (2:00pm)
  • May 25th - 4th Grade Clap Out (3:20pm)
  • May 26th - Students' Last Day/Family Picnic - More info to come! (11:30-12:30pm) Bring sack lunch

This week...

This Week...


Thank you for your continued dedication to our students. That was even more evident as we talked about student needs, preferences, and supports that surfaced during data team meetings. I believe we accomplished a lot this week, tackling the schedule, class lists, and informing future teachers of their upcoming students through narratives. GREAT JOB!

As always, we couldn't have done it without our entire team contributing. Thank you to Megan Johnston for running around like a maniac to meet the demands of all of our buildings during these data meetings!

Standing ovation to Laura Gallo for perfecting student rotations and scheduling to help students celebrate Wellness Week. Students were exposed to 10 stations to enforce healthy habits. This included exercising and eating right. Students were exposed to local businesses and programs to showcase their offerings and answer any questions the students had about living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you to all the community members who graciously volunteered their time!

Coming up:

Monday: Volunteers' Luncheon & Spring Fling

Tuesday: 4th Move-Up Day

Wednesday & Friday: I will be out for interviewing

Thursday: BOE Presentation

Sat: BW Graduation

Enjoy the weekend!


Important Message from your PTO

Re: Yearbooks


1. The assumption at this point is that the envelope containing any paper yearbook orders has been lost.

2. If you sent in a paper order form in February, please cancel your check. It would have been for $16.

3. HR Imaging will reopen online yearbook sales for BWE to allow those who previously turned in a paper order to "reorder" online. As soon as I have that link I will post it here.

4. They will ship us additional order forms for those who wish to send in a paper order. Those will be sent home next week and will need to be returned IMMEDIATELY.

5. Notes will go home on Monday for those who are not on Facebook or Email, to inform them of the situation. Anyone wishing to send in a paper order needs to send a note into school. requesting one. We will not be sending forms home to the entire school. If you know someone who is not on FB, please share this information.

6. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Eagle Extensions

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Barnes and Noble's Free Book program...Check it out!

Kids can get a free book from Barnes & Noble's summer reading program when they complete three fun reading activities. Updated for Summer 2016. Read More:
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"Something Old":

Leader in Me Lessons- Click here to sign up for the last habit lesson of the year!

PBIS/Brag Tags- The next brag tag lunch will be Friday, May 19th. Click here to add names to the list.

"Something New":

  • All assessment letters will go home on Wednesday, May 25th

I am going to the Google Summit on Tuesday, May 17th. If there is anything you would like to know more about (Google forms, Docs, Sheets, etc.) please send me an e-mail so I can go to a session and learn for you!

Technology Problems?

Make sure to submit a work ticket to Kami and Wayne!