The smallest country called Bhutan in the world

Cultural Traits of Bhutan

Bhutan is very isolationist.

The main language is Dzongkha, but Bumthangkha, Sarachapkha, Assamese, and Nepali.

English is used in schools.

Thousands of Hindu Nepalese are illegally immigrating into Bhutan.

Official name is is Druk-yul, which means "Land of the Thunder Dragon."

There is no caste system, but there is discrimination against the Nepalese.

Economics and Culture

Politics and Culture

Over the past fifty years Bhutan's government has gone through many changes. For one the legal system has changed to be a mix of Tsa-Yig code and English common law. For decades Bhutan has been ruled by a king, and even though they are moving towards a constitutional monarchy, the king still has a lot of power. On reason they are just now transfering to a constitutional monarchy is that for most of Bhutan's life as a country they have had very limied contact with he outside world, having only very limited contact with India and has only started to open up in the recent-ish past.