Pubic Lice

Save your pubic hair today!

What is Pubic Lice?

Also known as crabs they are a sexual transmitted disease that infects your pubic area with lice and other insects.

Transmissions of Pubic Lice

Clothing, towels, and other bedding can cause crabs. Another way is sexually transmitted and affects thousands of people in America alone.

Symptoms of Pubic Lice

  • Intense itching
  • nits are about the size of a pinhead
  • tiny oval shaped, yellow and white blobs called nits

Treatments of Pubic Lice

seeing a doctor or gynecologist for help and treatment. Buying over-the-counter medicine to treat it. 7-10 days to kill the Lice using medication.

Problems caused by Pubic Lice

Rarely any other health problems, very uncomfortable itching on the crouch.

Preventing the Pub Lice

  • Check if your partner has Pubic Lice
  • Condoms help prevent other STD's
  • Ask if they person your about to have intercourse with if the have any disesases