How To Change The World

By: Emma

What Is Going Around The World

There are many problems going on around the world today and no one cares of what happens because we live In such a peaceful place . Some of the world problems are poverty, global warming and wars. People just brush it off as " The government will take care of it." But if the government does not do anything then what who will.

How Can We Change

How can we change, try this " MOM DAD why did you get me an Iphone 4 I wanted the Iphone 6!" Sound familiar that's you thinking it's the end of the world because you did not get the phone you wanted. Now try this," please help me, tomorrow is a new peaceful day and mommy why does it smell so bad? Why are people sick?" Imagine having to beg, fight to make peace and tell your child or being told you might not live because of the conditions where you live. That is what the end of the world is to so many people. That's how we can change by thinking about someone else then you for even one second. A Lot of people will say please donate money but we can do better. We can help by making peace about our differences, stop throwing that pop can on the road and just feed someone that needs it that has no food in a fridge waiting for them when they go to their home. We are the only reason that these things are happening then what stops use from ending them.

How Can World Problems Start

All things we do can lead to anger and rage but things can get bigger over time

What We Can Do To Change Our World

The way we can change our world is by helping people in need. We can also help by stopping all these problems with the government and make peace with our enemy and instead of fighting we can just listen. We can't alway just fight our way to peace when not needed. In some cases we need to fight but when not needed we can settle this like humans with no guns. If our world can change by itself with not help then what stops us from changing ourselves with the help of no one but you. We can change our world if we think about others then you and then changing the way we look at people and the peace of our world." Instead of sending guns send books," "Instead of sending tanks send pencils" "Instead of sending soldiers send peace" " Peace can not be kept by force peace can only be kept by understanding."

Thank You

I hope that I inspired you to share and find your peace with the people around you and the world. " An eye for an eye will make the world blind but we can do it with peace and not to see our differences but to hear our peace and freedom from war and fighting."