Greek And Roman Art Left a Legacy

"I Can" of Rome and Greece

A Legacy is an enduring impact left from people that came before us.

Greek Art

Greeks made their statues of people to look perfect like gods and goddesses. Our art today shows the same amount of detail, but in clothing and hair. One of the more famous statues is Discobolus. The sculpted man has little emotion in his face and shows strong individual muscles. This shows that Greece did not make their statues to show human prefection. Each sculpture was made to perfection. Rome was very different.

Greek Architecture

The Greeks left a large impact in the architecture field. They created columns and pediments. There are three types of columns corinthian, doric and ionic. A pediment is a usually rectangular or triangular shape above a door or columns. Greece also invented porches for a sense of community

Roman Art

Although most Greek and Roman statues had no clothing on, they are very different. Our statues today show more of Rome. The Romans statue resembled the person who was carved. These statues were detailed and looked realistic. This statue shows anger in the face and imperfections such as in the nose, mouth, and wrinkles.

Roman Architecture

Most of Roman architecture was influenced by Greece. Romans created the rotunda. A rotunda is a cylinder section of a building. The dome is another part of Roman culture. A dome is a rounded vault forming the roof of a building.

How Greece Influenced Roman Art
Greece Influenced Roman Art and They both influenced our world today.

Greek and Roman Art in the United States

A lot of Greek and Roman influences are seen in important buildings such as the White House, Terminal Tower and the Jefferson Monument. The White House has Ionic columns in front of the porch. Both of these aspects are from ancient Greece. Terminal Tower in Cleveland has corinthian columns and a pediment which are impacts from Greece. The tower also has a rotunda left by the Romans. The Jefferson Monument has a dome from Roman culture and Doric columns from Greek culture. On the inside of this monument there is a large bronze statue. Greeks used to make these statues of gods place them in temples and pray to them.