Dragster Car

By: Karter Maroszek


Some factors of making my car faster is to make it lighter.

The best features of my car is the curved in sides because instead of having just a block of wood with wheels I made it a little lighter with curving the sides in and curving the front up.

A negitive factor on my car is that the wheels may have been a little to tight on the sides so it won't launch as fast.

I think my car will go about 5 or 6 Mph.


Speed is calulated by Rate x Distance= Speed

Some of the factor I put to make my car go faster is by making the front curved and the sides curved in and by doing that it also made it somewhat lighter.

Technology that would make a car go faster is that to make it lighter and smaller.


I think that the design of my car turned out the way I wanted it to be.

The making of the car is what I enjoyed the most.

I think I could carve some of the wood out the make it faster in a way.

My least favorite is that I lost the second race.